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BBQ’s are loved and enjoyed by everyone! There’s nothing quite like being outdoors in the beautiful sunshine with the smell of perfectly cooked marinaded meat wafting through the air. Our Premier BBQ Pack will create an atmosphere and put a smile on the faces of those lucky enough to be enjoying it. The pack has a fantastic selection of mixed meats, plenty enough to serve as many people as you select. This pack has something for everyone, whether it starts with the juicy Steak Burgers, Butchers Sausages or the gorgeously marinaded Chicken Thighs, Minty Lamb Chops or Chunky Pork Ribs.

What’s included?

(Each pack includes 1 of each of the following items x 2 or 4 or 6 depending on the quantity selected).

All marinades are produced from Gluten Free ingredients and all GF Sausages are produced from Gluten Free ingredients.

  • 1/4lb Steak Burgers
  • Chicken Thighs – Jamaican Jerk (Hot ‘n’ Spicy) Marinade
  • Lamb Chops – Mint Glazed Marinade
  • GF Butchers ‘Hampshire’ Sausages
  • Chunky Pork Ribs – Chinese Marinade

For 2 people, For 4 people, For 6 people


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